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Canada Driving Schools Directory: Pass your Driving Test

Are you looking for driver training, drivers education? You can use this site to find the the best driving schools in Canada to help you get your G1,G2 Driver License.

Recently Added Driving Schools

Alberta Driver Education & Training in Alberta Driving Schools

Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc. is a Calgary driving school dedicated to providing quality driver's education to our students. Whether you are a beginners who just got your learners or a seasoned driver challenging the advanced road test, we got the right course for you.

Guelph in Ontario Driving Schools

Guelph Driving School is a MTO – (Ministry of Transportation Ontario) Approved Beginner’s Driving Education Course Provider (BDE). We have been teaching driver training for over 20 years. Guelph Driving School is one of the best vehicle training school in the city of Guelph. Our mandate is to equip new and experienced drivers with the best driving skills we can give! Our purpose is to seek our population to become safe and defensive drivers in any driving environment possible.

Darrell's Driver Training in Ontario Driving Schools

MTO-Approved BDE Course Provider Since 1997. . Darrell’s Driver Training recognizes that the Beginner Driver Education Program is a key component in supporting road safety in Ontario. We strive in offering our students the opportunity to obtain a quality driver training program, which follows the Ministry of Transportation’s Beginner Driver Education curriculum standards.. By enrolling in the BDE program, participants will be provided with a foundation for safe and responsible driving as well as an opportunity to help develop positive driving attitudes and behaviours. We strive to provide superior driver training, and are committed to educate and provide you the knowledge, and skills to keep you safe on our roads. .

Canadian Drivers Education

This is often the first step of learning to drive and getting your drivers licence. For most provinces it is mandatory for first time drivers to complete a certain number of hours in a driver's education course before they can apply for a permit or license. People sometimes take driver education courses to lower their insurance premium!

Canadian Driver Training

Driver training usually involves taking the skills you learn in drivers education and building on them behind the wheel of a vehicle to pass your different license classes. The time period before you can apply for your full licesne also varies for example in Ontario new drivers must hold a G2 licence for a minimum of 12 months before they can attempt the G2 road test

Canadian Graduated Licensing

Most provinces require you to pass vision and knowledge tests on road rules & traffic signs. The age requirements vary from province to province but usually the age limit to apply for your licence is 16-17.